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5/10 funniest moments from Kuroshitsuji manga | Sebastian being sassy little shit

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title: Oh yes .

She writes: ‘I missed Ciel in these clothes, is one of its most popular clothes and you still can not to understand why. ‘

For me, Yana actually a weakling like me, for the bare legs of Ciel, because with thighs exposed in this way is seldom seen. It is adorable and appealing, but maybe it’s just the opinion of a corrupt mind. 
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Ciel Phantomhive, faceless


"Right, then what happened here stays between us!"

His Butler, Taking Flight | 5/10 


Inside, what a wonderful caricature of intimacy. [ Edits by X ]

I suppose that’s why humans are so interesting. 


Kuroshitsuji 90
that butler: leaving